Verse 1

Take the memories off the walls and put them in their place

Though your soul is feeling small a calmness rules your face


Verse 2

The old wall clock is stiff and posed, it served and paced for you

Frame and hands like yours are still, love's unchecked power is through


Chorus 1

Separation, separation

Is love over, is love over?

Love is over, love is over

Love was over long ago


Verse 3

Quaint objects don't have pity's eyes, they follow packed and sealed

Knowing not how to mend they stroke the hurts they help reveal


Verse 4

Fairy tales laugh within your heart, the chapters sweep you out, fairy tales

Showing in the silent talk what pain was all about


Chorus 1 (Repeat)



Verse 5

A single light is shining near the door you left behind

Up ahead is hazy yet, the skies will clear in time


Verse 6

You'd like to say your sorry but you know that's empty lies

Just sorry for your heavy heart, it wears no bright disguise


Chorus 2

Separation, separation

Separation, separation

Love is over, love is over

And you know that love was over long ago


Lyrics: Diane Bostick

Music: Kim Kapfer

KAMU Productions